Subject 1v02P_6 (can also be given a name chosen by the player) is a playable, fully customizable character who only appears in Arena Combat Mode (including Zombie Arena Mode) of Madness: Project Nexus. There is little known about him other than that he is a subject who is controlled by the player and has decided to join the Nexus Training Program. At the start of Arena Combat Mode, he starts at Level 1 with 17 HP and no TAC-Bar.

He is a smoker, as seen when starting a wave unarmed, he takes out a cigarette and puffs on it. Customization is one thing that makes this character different from others, as his wardrobe can be changed anytime at the player's will. He is one of the few characters who can be killed as many times as possible, but revived through cloning. However, he starts with no stats or skills, and cannot support light class armor or higher.